Cook County Treasurer Launches Online Tool To Show How Property Taxes Are Allocated

Cook county property tax

Cook County Property Tax

Cook County Treasurer Maria Pappas launched a new online tool that calculates year-to-year changes for each property tax bill and shows where tax dollars go.

The new feature, called “Where Your Money Goes,” is an online, educational display that provides a clear view of how much taxes owed on a property increased or decreased from one year to the next. It also calculates the money an individual property owner owed to each school district or other local unit of government in the past two years.

To access the new tool:

  1. Visit
  2. Search for a property by Property Index Number (PIN) or address.
  3. Select the correct property and click, “View Your Property Tax Information.”

The nuts and bolts of the online portal, accessible through the treasurer’s official site, allow property owners to input either an address or a personal identification number to obtain a detailed distribution of their tax contributions to various government entities, with special attention to school districts.

Diving into the numbers, PR Newswire adds that Cook County’s property tax bills have risen a steep 5.4% compared to last year, totaling an exorbitant $17.6 billion, with this uptick still trailing the overall rate of inflation. As the assessment gavel slams down, it appears this tool serves as both a map and a compass for the county’s taxpayers as they navigate the turbulent ocean of tax season.